Due Diligence

Due diligence is an investigation or audit of a potential investment or product to confirm all facts, such as reviewing all financial records, plus anything else deemed material. It refers to the care a reasonable person should take before entering into an agreement or a financial transaction with another party. Due diligence can also refer to the investigation a seller does of a buyer; items that may be considered are whether the buyer has adequate resources to complete the purchase, as well as other elements that would affect the acquired entity or the seller after the sale has been completed.

Our risk-based approach allows us to conduct the appropriate level of due diligence based on specific criteria. Clients can access JMM Commercial Brokerage llc’s spectrum of due diligence offerings by working with our investigative professionals through the traditional consultative process or via our on-line customer portal, depending on the level of due diligence required.

Depth, Breadth, & Comprehensiveness

Screening & Red Flag

  • Programmatic
  • Global Standardization
  • Multiple Languages
  • Technology-Enabled
  • High-Volume Compliance Programs

Enhanced Due Diligence

  • Programmatic and Consultative Options
  • Local Language Research
  • Local Source Inquiry Options
  • Higher-Risk Compliance

Investigative Diligence

  • Consultative and Iterative
  • Investigative Methodology
  • Global Coverage
  • Customized